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Pork loin

Pork loin


For 4 persons
  • Arista

    Pork loin

    800 gr
  • vino bianco

    White wine

    1 and a 1\2 cup
  • oil

    Extra virgin olive oil

    3 spoons
  • burro


    30 gr
  • Aglio


    1 clove
  • rosmarino


    1 sprig
  • Sale e pepe

    Salt and pepper



Place the pork loin on a chopping board and tie the pieces of meat with butcher's twine, knotting each string a couple of centimetres apart from the next.

Slice the garlic and pierce the meat. Insert the garlic and the rosemary needles into each incision.

Heat the oil and butter on a baking tray placed on the hob and brown the pork loin on both sides.

Simmer with half a glass of wine until reduced. Season with salt and pepper to taste and move the tray to the oven which should be preheated at 180 °C.

Cook the meat for half an hour turning it a couple of times. Moisten the pork with a glass of white wine and cook for a further 40 minutes, baste often with the cooking sauce so that the surface becomes a brown crust.

Cut the roasted pork loin and stand for 10 minutes before serving.

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