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A special occasion is coming up and you do not know which wine to choose? We will help you to find the Settesoli wine most suitable for you with 5 simple questions. Settesoli wines are perfect for any occasion and even for the most refined palates. The sun on the table, the soul of Sicily in a wine glass.

Sagoma bottiglia
  • 1
  • Which occasion are you thinking about?

  • Impressing someone
  • Aperitif at the seaside
  • Picnic
  • Sunday lunch with the family
  • Dinner with your best friends

  • 2
  • What if food were a social network?...

  • All your likes would be for seafood
  • You would be the guru of vegetables
  • You would be known as a meat influencer
  • You would be certified as “Social media executive in the underground world"
  • The face of cured meats lovers

  • 3
  • You’d like to get lost...

  • Among mountains of sweet Swiss chocolate
  • In gardens of sour and juicy oranges
  • In Brasil, among rivers of black coffee
  • In Zanzibar, in the crowded markets of spices
  • Among the salt water of the Red Sea

  • 4
  • You love to feel on your lips...

  • The delicacy of roses
  • The passion of red fruits
  • The freshness of tropical fruits
  • The fragrance of jasmine
  • The lightness of violet

  • 5
  • You’re looking for the perfect wine for you because...

  • Ci vuole un fisico bestiale
  • Voglio una vita spericolata!
  • All you need is love
  • Amici mai...
  • Cerco l'estate tutto l'anno

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