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The sun watches over the countless wonders of Sicily, its intense light shines along the rows of grapevines, lettering our vineyards grow luxuriant and strong, and their fruits healthy and juicy.

An embracing warmth provides energy to passionate community of 2,000 winegrowers, each fully dedicated to a careful cultivation of their vineyard, so as to produce unforgettable wines, with a unique Mediterranean character.

Settesoli Wines, quality certified, keep the soul of Sicily and are the result of the experience of passionate community of winegrowers.

Sicily, Community and Quality

enclosed in a bottle and recounted by a label.

Discover Settesoli values
throught the label.

Our symbol is the Sun.
Its warm embrace caresses this unique
territory and enhances the
cultivation of grapevines
A kind and welcoming smile tells
about the genuine nature of our

100% varietal:
traditional and
authentic aroma and

cetified origin and quality.

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